CurrentRun API

The CurrentRun object is one of the most important objects in the Prism ecosystem. It's impossible to build even moderately complex projects without it.

CurrentRun enables users to access any and all project-related objects. An instance of the CurrentRun class is automatically created any time you run a Prism project, and you can access it via a simple import statement:

from prism.runtime import CurrentRun

For avid Airflow users, this object is similar the context argument that you can pass into your Airflow operators and callables. The biggest difference is that CurrentRun is a class instance, whereas context is a dictionary. This leads to two important differences:

  1. Users can take advantage of the coding ecosystem (especially using modern IDE tools, like Visual Studio) to call the class methods and populate the appropriate arguments.

  2. [[ TO DO ]]

This class has three methods:

We'll go over each of these in detail next.

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