Decorator used to write the outputs of a task function.

prism.decorators.target_iterator(*, type: prism.target.PrismTarget, loc: Union[str, pathlib.Path])

  • Parameters

    • *: indicates that the target_iterator decorator only accepts keyword arguments.

    • type: a valid Prism target. This controls the output type, e.g., a .txt file, a .csv, a .json, etc. Prism targets are classes that inherit the prism.target.PrismTarget class and implement the save method. See here.

    • loc: a string or path-like object represent the parent directory in which the outputs should be saved.

  • Technical notes:

    • The target_iterator function requires that the task function return a dictionary mapping the name of the desired output file to the associated object.


import prism.task
import prism.target
import prism.decorators

class ExampleTask(prism.task.PrismTask):
    def run(self):
        test_str = "Hello, world!"
        test_str_2 = "This is a second string"
        return {
            "hello_world.txt": test_str,
            "other_string.txt": test_str_2,

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