prism graph is used to render your project as a series of nodes and edges (i.e., a graph) and launch an interactive UI for visualizing this graph.

Usage: prism graph [OPTIONS]                                                                                       
 Launch the Prism Visualizer UI to view your project as a graph. This is the CLI equivalent of calling              
 PrismProject.graph(...) in your Python script.                                                                     
╭─ Options ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╮
│    --project-id           TEXT                                 Project ID.                                       │
│    --project-name         TEXT                                 Project name.                                     │
│    --project-version      TEXT                                 Project version.                                  │
│ *  --tasks-dir            TEXT                                 Directory containing tasks. Default is the        │
│                                                                "tasks" folder in the current directory.          │
│                                                                [required]                                        │
│    --port             -p  INTEGER                              Port used by the webserver for launching the UI.  │
│                                                                Default is 8000.                                  │
│    --open-window                                               Open the visualizer UI in a new window in your    │
│                                                                default web browswer.                             │
│    --hot-reload                                                Update the project's graph after each local       │
│                                                                change                                            │
│    --log-level        -l  [info|warning|error|debug|critical]  Set the log level                                 │
│    --help                                                      Show this message and exit.                       │

The CLI arguments are largely the same as the arguments used to instantiate the PrismProject and call the PrismProject.graph()method. However, note that the CLI command ignores connectors, callbacks, concurrency, and package_lookups. These inputs do not affect the graph command's behavior.


Here's what an example project looks like:

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